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Team captain: Cara Lane
Raising funds for: 2021 HOI CHD Walk
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Hi friends! We’re raising support and awareness for CHD and our amazing local medical team.  We’ve been blessed  with the love and support Annie’s doctors,  nurses,  therapists, and case workers have all given us over the last 5 years.  We’re walking to support everything they’ve done for us. We’re raising awareness that CHD is serious but with the right supports our kids can overcome the obstacles they face.

Annie (5 y/o) was born with HLHS/DORV. She’s overcome 2 open heart surgeries, heart failure, and several hospitalizations before a transfer out of state for a heart transplant where she also needed ECMO & LVAD. And most recently last summer- severe transplant rejection that hit so quickly that there wasn’t time to get her to her transplant team at the other hospital.  Our local hospital,  medical team and support system is what helped get us through it all. They held our hands and guided us through some very difficult decisions- including having that discussion on when to transfer care to a new team to discuss transplant options. They’ve done so much for us!  From sitting her by side at night holding her hand so we could sleep to coordnating her medical light out of state TWICE and they made sure we were supported the entire time.  We’re so grateful for everything they’ve done for us and want to show them how much we appreciate everything by participating in this HOI CHD walk. Please join us!

Team Members

  1. Captain
    Cara Lane
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  2. Joelle Hancock
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  3. Theresa Gutierrez
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  4. Jenna Rickard
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  5. Missy Ruby
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  6. Sandra Andrew
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  7. Matthew Lane
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  8. Justin Zimmerman
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  9. Yvonne Meyer
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  10. Stacy Fosu
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