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Raising funds for: 2021 HOI CHD Walk
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Lauren’s Story: At 2 months old, our daughter Lauren was diagnosed with 3 congenital heart defects (1 VSD and 1 PDA). At 7 months of age both of her VSDs closed, but her PDA remained. When she was 2 1/2 years old she had a cardiac catheterization to close her PDA. Her three CHDs are now closed, but she is still being followed by her cardiologist due to left ventricular non-compaction syndrome. She receives yearly echo’s of her heart to monitor this. We are forever grateful for the amazing care she has received at the Congenital Heart Center at OSF, and would love for you to come along side of us as we raise money and awareness for this special cause that is dear to our hearts.

Sabrina’s Story: At 24 years old I had learned I was born with Congenital heart defect (PFO With a aneurysm present). At 23 I underwent surgery to remove an enlarged spleen that was growing for unknown reasons. At the time I was 6 months post partum with my second born son. Shortly after my surgery I had thrown a rare marbled size clot in my mesenteric artery just before my liver. I was very thankful it did not travel as everyone who was caring for me at OSF had no idea about my heart condition during that time. Since then I have been blessed to have all my labs and work ups with doctors come back okay. I have some issues with my heart in my sleep which we are in processes of getting to the bottom of it. I have been blessed to have lived 24 years of my life and birth two healthy boys with no known heart condition’s themselves. I’ve received such great care through OSF organizations in general over my whole life. I’m over the moon excited to work along side an amazing team to help raise money and awareness to such a great cause. So please Consider joining us in our second annual CHD FUNDRAISER WALK!

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