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Team captain: Shyrel Mckinley
Raising funds for: 2021 HOI CHD Walk
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As a congenital heart defect survivor, my team walks in honor of all CHD patients and their families to raise awareness and show them support. I was born with an atrial septal defect which lead to my first open heart surgery as an infant. My second surgery at age 6 repaired my mitral valve. As a CHD patient, I have lived my life with scars that tell a story that many people never understood. I live with so many unknowns as my body ages and changes. Most recently, I experienced atrial flutter and other arrhythmia issues related to pregnancy which ended in the loss of the pregnancy. After an ablation and lots of care from the OSF team, I was able to have my third child safely. CHD patients can also have children with CHD and I was blessed with three healthy babies who will always know how special heart warriors are!

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