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Team captain: Meredith and Marcus Rensberry
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Team Princess Leah is walking in memory of Leah Rensberry. Leah was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) after a routine anatomy sonogram in 2016. We prepared for her the best we could and she arrived in March of 2017. We were immediately in love with our little bundle of joy!

Leah’s first surgery, the Norwood, took place when she was just 5 days old. As a family, we had a crash course in caring for a medically fragile child. It was scary and overwhelming, but we had a wonderful support system around us that helped us through it all. Leah’s next surgery came a little sooner than we had planned and it was a more extensive surgery than the usual Glenn. When we went home after 10 weeks in the PICU, we also a g-tube, oxygen, and twice as many medications.Thankfully, we had several months together at home before another heart surgery, to get a BT Shunt, when she was 15 months old.

Leah’s life may have been spent largely in the hospital and at appointments with doctors and therapists, but it was an amazing, love-filled life. Our girl was doted on by siblings, grandparents, friends and of course her very protective parents.

In March 2019, just before her 2nd birthday, Leah was admitted to the hospital for observation following some concerning symptoms. Within hours of checking in, Leah ‘s heart stopped. CPR started immediately and she came back to us. Afterwards, it was decided our girl needed to be transferred to Chicago to be assessed for a heart transplant.

For the next few weeks Leah had many tests run to see if she was a good candidate for a transplant. She was not. Unfortunately, Leah was getting weaker by the day and we had to say goodbye in April 2019. It is not the outcome we hoped for, but we are so thankful for the 2 years we had together. Leah is missed every day. She has changed our lives forever and continues to impact lives with her story. Please join us at the walk as we honor those living with CHD and we remember the ones that lost the fight.

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    Meredith and Marcus Rensberry
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